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Long time not update this lj XD
I'm just lazy to write wkwkwk
Last time I update is on final year of junior high school and I'm already 11th grade at senior high school nau
Time goes so fast nee

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i just heard news in my country..
they says many students of senior high school didn't passed the national examination

i'm actually down now..
i'm afraid that many of junior high school students in my country didn't pass the exam too *include me*

i hope my imagination never be a reality

oh my..
i'm afraid now >w<"

Current Mood: depresseddepressed
Current Music: i'm alive - becca

finnaly i just finished my exam fiuuh
and the result will be post at my school blog
i hope i can continue school to the best senior high school in my country

pray for me minna

Current Mood: nervousnervous


can you give me the link opening durarara???
i need full version but i can't found it on google

if you have please share with me

thank youuuu

my friend give me a link of DRRR seiyuu event

here the link

i finished my national examination...
i'm so happy i hope i pass form my school XDDD

i watch the trailer of kuroshitsuji II

and now i'm can't wait to watch the anime lols

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
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